California High School Tennis Classic

1. Each team will have 5 matches in the tournament.  You will play 3 matches on Friday and 2 matches on Saturday. 
   2. Teams will play 3 matches on Friday in a round robin group.
   3. Teams will play 2 matches on Saturday in a draw format based on results from Friday.
   4. Tournament director has the right to switch teams in the Saturday draw to make sure all sites are covered. 
   5. Each match will have 3 singles and 3 doubles. - Total of 9 players
   6. Your singles and doubles line up must go by the ladder you submit at the start of the tournament
   7. In doubles you add up the ladder positions and the lowest total will play 1st doubles, 2nd lowest will play 2nd doubles and the highest total will play 3rd doubles.  
   8. If a team "Stacks" their line up, all matches effected by the mistake will be defaulted.
   9. If a team can not field a full team, they will forfeit either 3rd singles or 3rd doubles.  
 10. Play consists of 2 out of 3 sets, no add scoring.  The 3rd set will be a match tie-breaker.
 11. To break a tie in a match you will count the number of sets, the 3rd set tie-breaker will count as a set.  If still tied, the number of games will be counted, the 3rd
       set tie-breaker will not be counted as games.  If still tied, the team that won 1st singes will be the winner.
12. If 2 teams are tied - look at head to head.
     If 3 teams are tied - look at total number of matches won between these 3 schools.  If still tied look at the total number of games between these 3 schools.  If still
     still tied record of 1st singles.

1. USTA rules will be followed.
   2. All questions will be directed to the site director.  If there is still a question, the tournament director will make the final decision.
   3. Two new balls will be supplied at the beginning of each match.
   4. Coaching will be allowed during the ninety second change of sides, excluding the 1st game of each set.  Players are allowed a 2 minute break after the 1st set and
       a 5 minute break after the 2nd set.  
   5. Only 2 coaches per team.  Each coach will wear a lanyard to verify who is allowed to coach.  - Must supply coaches names in the team profile.
   6. Warm up time is 5 minutes for singles and doubles, including serves.
   7. 1 player from each team may be asked to be line judges if needed.

   1. The Division Champion will receive a fence plaque
   2. Each group winner on Saturday will receive championship shirts.

Rules and Format