California High School Tennis Classic

Boys Teams

This might be the most important page on the web site to make sure you and your team have the best experiance when coming to the tournament.  This site will do the following:
1. Make sure we have your entry form.  This allows your team to participate in the 2012 Tournament.
2. Make sure we have your team profile.  This allows your team to have the best chance to be placed in the correct division.
3. Make sure we have your team T shirt sizes.  This allows each player to receive the T Shirt size they want.  If I do not receive this you will get a basic distribution of sizes.
4. Make sure we have your team entry fee.  If we do not receive your entry fee your team will not be invited back to the tournament.

If you feel that you have turned something in and I do not have it checked off please Email me so I can double check my records.  Please do not wait till the last minute to check this site.

Please click below to view the check off sheet for your team.  Also please look at the teams that are playing in the tournament because you will be asked information about the teams that are in the tournament that you will need to submit in your team profile

Last Time site was updated
March 5, 2012